APPSC Group 2 Result Notification No.18/2016

APPSC GROUP-2 Results for Screening Test issued by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission, Hyderabad vide Notification No. 18/2016 for General Recruitment.


  It is hereby notified that on the basis of performance(marks generated as per final key approved by the Commission on 28.03.2017 and scaled from 147 to 150) in the Screening Test (Written) Examination (off line)held on 26/02/2017 FN, the candidates with the following Register Numbers have been provisionally admitted for the Main (CBT) Examination as per the terms and conditions of Notification No. 18/2016 dated.08/11/.2016. The dates of main examination would be as per the schedule given in the Notification. Hall Tickets downloading would be allowed at appropriate time

A. For the list of 49,100 qualified candidates Click here (candidates with earlier date of birth (oldest age) is treated as qualified in case of equal marks )

B. For marks of all other candidates (in Eleven files) Click here (Disqualification cases out of the above on account of tampering are not verified because the candidates are not qualified).

C. For list of candidates rejected due to multiple bubbling, no bubbling and wrong bubbling of regd. Numbers or set numbers (12,537 nos.) Click here 

D. For list of candidates in the qualifying range but disqualified due to tampering of the OMR Sheets (use of whitener, blade or other method of tampering 104 nos). Click here 

E. For list of three candidates in whose case Malpractice Committee is investigating the matter Click here 

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APPSC Group 2 Result Notification No.18/2016
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