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AP Employees and Pensioners Health Card enrollment Login
Employees Health Care Fund Scheme is intended to provide cashless treatment to all the AP State Government employees including pensioners, along with their dependent family members.The eligible beneficiaries will be provided with health cards also called eligibility cards. The procedure of verification of eligibility of beneficiary under the scheme shall be by online authentication of the Health Card details.

Enrollment and Contribution are Compulsory. In cases where both the spouses are eligible employees/service pensioners, then enrolment and contribution by both is compulsory, and there shall be no duplication of dependent family members at the time of enrollment. More details in
Before login, be ready with the following documents and photos,
Employee or Pensioners (Scanned copies) : Aadhaar card, 1 & 2 pages of Old Service Register (or) 4&5 of New Service Register, Passport size photo (45mm X 35mm ICAO Complaint), Disability Certificate, If you are disabled.

Dependents (Scanned copies): Aadhaar card, Passport size photo (45mm X 35mm ICAO Complaint), Birth certificate in case of children below 5 years, Disability Certificate, If disabled.

How to apply ?
Log In To:, Click on Sign-in (Top right side of the screen)
Your user ID is: your Employee ID( available with your DDO) Password is also your Employee ID.
After login: change your password. Enter your mobile number, New password will be sent to your mobile as message After you sign-in: Click on “Registrations” in the left side, then click on Initiate Health Card, Enter Aadhaar No 12 digits, now go to Retrieve Details Application form appears. Enter the details as required. After entering details ‘ Save ‘, then click on “ Add attachments ”.

Before uploading attachments see that their size should be less than 200KB, Now add family members by clicking ‘Add Beneficiary ’ and Upload photo & Aadhaar Card of family members Save the enrollment form. You can View the enrollment form by clicking “Print/View application”. Verify the correctness of the details, you can edit the details if required and save again. 

Now print the Application Form, Sign the printed application and make a scan copy. Now submit the application. A Message will be sent to your mobile as: “Application submitted successfully; Your health card enrollment ID:….. ; Your signed application uploading is pending”. Now upload signed application by clicking “add attachment” to submit application for approval.

Task will be sent to your DDO login. If rejected by your DDO, again you can edit and resubmit for approval from your login. Receive Card - You will receive a notification through sms/email when your card is printed and ready for issue. Approach the Card Issue Centre (CIC) in your district with all your dependents. The CIC locations will be notified by your District Collector. The card will be issued after taking your biometric fingerprint. The fingerprint will be your acknowledgement of receipt of card.

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Pensioners and Employees Health Card Enrollment, AP, EPF--
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